Exciting Coaching Opportunity in China

Key Candidates:
With the 2022 Olympic games being hosted in China, the country is very determined to focus on the growth of ice hockey. Our role and support of this initiative is to provide them with as many Canadian coaches as possible over the next 4-5 years and beyond- certified within our programs for development with guaranteed results but our material is only as good as our
coaches. The eligible candidate needs to be passionate about this great game and extremely enthusiastic about coaching/developing young hockey players.

– played high-level hockey
– coaching certificates with Hockey Canada
– certified under CSTCA (Canadian Skating Treadmill Certification Association)
– superior communication skills
– strong knowledge of the game – skills and tactics
– ability to breakdown skill development
– desire to learn Mandarin – greetings/coaching terminology
– desire to teach the game

Key Responsibilities:
– located centrally in Beijing or Guangzhou (other areas developing)
– responsible to manage and operation of the skating treadmill program and training centre
– primary focus on skating – detailed understating of our CSTCA program
– power skating – firm knowledge of our skating treadmill program
– on ice instruction with individual skill and tactical play
– travel to various locations throughout China
– responsible to work with individual clubs/groups – training centres and ice programs
– manage player profiles for progress, development and future action plans
– reporting to Paul Whintors and Eve Wang daily/weekly (on need basis)
– continuously researching and developing development drills/programs
– flexibility to adjust to training demands – locations, times, travel

Contract Compensation Package:
– one year contractual obligation – performance review at six (6) months
– annual salary based on $3,000-$4,000 CDN per month
– medical benefits provided
– apartment rental included
– expense account during travel
– average 35 – 40 hours per week
– Includes flights to/from home to China – plus 1 extra flight per year (holidays/personal)
– certification requires 3 weeks of the employees time and energy – expenses paid only

View the PDF: China Coaching Details

Interested in this coaching opportunity?
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