Monday–Friday: 2:30pm to 8:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday: By Appointment

Call our Langley office: 604-882-1611 x715.

Package 1
Skating Treadmill: 30–45min

Price Per Person
• Single
• Your Group (3-4 skaters)
• T2 Video Motion Analysis
5 Pack
10 Pack

Package 2
Skating Treadmill & Shooting: 60-75min

Price Per Person
• Single
• Your Group (3-4 skaters)
• Team – Available upon request (2 hrs. 7-8 players)
5 Pack
10 Pack

Package 3
Shooting: 45min

Price Per Person
• Single
• 2 Shooters (each)
• Team (per hour)
5 Pack
10 Pack

Birthday Party (Fri-Sun)
A variety of Birthday packages are available upon request.


A ‘Single’ registration is enrolling in the program with one child. Please don’t construe this as a private 1 on 1 lesson – we pride ourselves on providing superior instruction and adequate repetition and instruction with every visit – sometimes shared time on the treadmill is required to allow for adequate rest to ensure proper form and biomechanics — private lessons can be offered at a premium if interested.

The “Your Group (3-4 skaters)” rates are discounted based on your group filling and purchasing the session. Make-up sessions for missed appointments are not available.

In order to complete registration, payment in full is required prior to programs starting. Also, registration form, waiver, and equipment acknowledgement must be completed.

GST not included in the pricing above.

Team training – see ‘Team Training’ tab at

Skating treadmill operators are certified and exam tested.

Cancellation/Refund Policy 48 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule appointments (exceptions for illness, injury, or other emergencies may be considered at the discretion of Complex Potent Hockey).

Abuse of the facility will result in immediate removal without any refund.