Complex Hockey Training Facility Ltd – Testimonials

Seven (7) male Atom A hockey players with no previous treadmill skating experience where studied over a 6 week period. Players performed four 1-min skating bouts at progressively increasing speed each week.

Criteria for habituation were a decrease in:
1) stride rate
2) heart rate
3) perceived exertion 

and increases in:
1) stride length
2) trunk angle
3) trunk angle and vertical movement

Significant decreases were seen in stride rate, heart rate and ratings of exertion and significant increases were found in stride length. Some of these changes were evident after only one week of training and all were present by week 4. 

After 6 weeks (24 mins.) of exposure to treadmill skating, all participants displayed a visibly more efficient skating style.”

Department of Phys. Ed. and Kinesiology, Brock University
Sports Biomechanics publication – Volume 6, May 2007