Buccaneers Spring Hockey

Buccaneers Spring Hockey

Buccaneers spring hockey is UNIQUE in that our program supports both individual development as well as team development. Players have the opportunity to develop personally by utilizing our Complex Hockey Training Facility and receiving small group instruction on the technique of shooting. Players work in groups of 3 shooting hundreds of pucks and receiving instruction on shooting technique. Our treadmill is guaranteed to improve your player’s speed, power and efficiency. We have a unique, state-of-the-art treadmill skating program that is second to none.

Team development is key. Each of our teams have their own team ice sessions. We believe a powerful team begins with developing and motivating our players. We run practices that involve repetition of skills through a variety of drills so players do not lose interest. Paul Whintors believes players should enhance their creativity and compete level, while maintaining their enjoyment and love of the game. Paul believes in a mindset centred on improvement, work ethic, self-belief and confidence as keys to a player’s long term development and success.

We have all heard of the 10,000 hours . . . but quality is the key. Train with the best!

Buccaneers Spring Hockey wants you! Contact us if you are ready to be a Buccaneer!

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