Classes begin the week of JAN 9-13, 2017.
All classes run for 9 weeks.
Late registration accepted (pro-rated)
Prices do not include GST.

Power skating is a term most young hockey players are familiar with, but don’t typically enjoy the experience for many reasons. We guarantee to create a fun and exciting environment by relating all instruction to game situations. When players realize ‘power skating’ enables them to become better hockey players then they will have an enjoyable experience. Our skating techniques are the most sophisticated and technical movements in the marketplace today. We will also work on puck management, puck movement, and body positioning to optimize puck possession. Of course we also focus on shooting. Players will have the opportunity to shoot hundreds of pucks through our primary 10 step process which assists players with enhancing overall power and accuracy through a series of movements.

Power Skating (Atom/Peewee)
Mon 3:45-4:45PM. $238.50
Last session on Mar 6th.

NHL Skilled Moves
Wed 3:30-4:15PM. $238.50
Last session on Mar 8th.

Move #1 — Evgeni Malkin Amazing Spin-O-Rama Goal vs Edmonton
Breakdown – silent back-check, transition, edgework, reading defenceman’s feet, showing shot, spin, backhand momentum.

Move #2 — Daniel Sedin Sick Between the Legs Goal vs Calgary Flames
Breakdown – away from the puck position, defenseman’s shot/pass, Henrick’s tip-pass, net drive – danger recognition, avaid the poke-check, between the legs flip shot.

Move #3 — Sidney Crosby Puck Protection
Breakdown – Power posture, edges, mohawk, tight turns, quick starts, puck protection, puck kicks, battles, into shots/passes.

Shooting and Stickhandling Clinic
Fri 3:30-4:30PM. $238.50
All ages, multiple nets and appropriate instruction from Complex instructors.
Last session on Mar 10th.

Pricing is based on a minimum of 5 players in each class, in the event there are less than 5 skaters after 2 weeks of the program starting the option will be to convert the group into a semi-private or private setting for a 30 or 45 minute session-Price to be determined based on actual number of skaters.

Program Inquiries & Registration

[email protected]
(604) 882-1611 ext 701